RedShield SSL Improvements

On Monday 24th April 2017 RedShield will be rolling out improvements and to the default SSL configuration for client side connections.

The main change is removal of support for the TripleDES cipher. TripleDES is now considered cryptographically weak and the only operating system browser combination that requires TripleDES support is Windows XP with Internet Explorer. Any Windows XP users should at the very least be using Firefox (which supports AES) and ideally should be upgrading from Windows XP which is now completely unsupported and insecure.

1. What does this mean for you as a customer of RedShield?

Customers should see no change or impact with this change as modern browsers all support AES.

2. You have a custom client side RedShield SSL configuration.

Customers with custom SSL client side ciphers will be assessed on a case by case basis to prevent any adverse impact and will not by default have TripleDES removed.

3. You need to keep TripleDES support to support old legacy clients

If you want TripleDES to be supported then email and we can retain TripleDES in your configuration.


Any other questions email


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