RedShield Portal Release 24 Updates

1. Introduction

As for Release 24 (R24), there are several changes developed for the portal pages. These changes include:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Reports
  •  Settings
    • Scans
    • Assets


1.1 Vulnerabilities

The previous tabs are rearranged as well as categorised as following 3:

  • Unresolved
  • Resolved
    1. Shielded
    2. Suppressed
    3. False Positive
    4. Analyser (These are ‘fixed’ vulnerabilities that were found by a previous scan but were not found again in the last scan run)
  • Comments (previously top nav)


To open a modal containing a more detailed overview, double click on the vulnerability. The modal has been changed and the existing “External Reference” and “Action” have been renamed. Instead “Status” and “Client Ref” are introduced. The modal also includes the ability for  users to manually resolve or unresolve a vulnerability.


1.2 Reports

For clients with access to RedShield alerts and reporting. The reports page has been split into two tabs, ‘Standard’ and ‘Advanced'.


1.3 Settings

Following changes are completed at ‘Settings’ tab:

  • Schedules tab has been renamed to ‘Scans’
  • Assets within the Assets tab are all displayed in the same table, and are no longer separated by asset type (‘Shielded Assets, ‘Network Ranges’ and ‘Assets’)


  • Customers that have the ability to clear the cache on their assets will now be able to do so by clicking the edit button on the asset and viewing the ‘Options’ tab, selecting the ‘Clear cache’ box and clicking 'Save'. Please note that after pressing the save button, occasionally the modal window might be stalled momentarily due to backend processing and is supposed to be shut down eventually.



1.4 Scan History

  • End-users can now view the status of individual asset at scan history page and information about whether completed or failed. Details explanations of the overall status can be found at the top right corner and under 'Help' link.



1.5 Summary Email Notifications 

  • The summary email is sent if there has been any new activity for the client in the past 24 hours (e.g. new scans, new comments or new critical/high vulnerabilities etc.). In case of CIDR range scan, the customers will receive the emails for the scans separately. One for host discovery by NMAP and another for discovered hosts' scans by Nexpose.


Known Issues:

1. Resolved: Password reset functionality for some of the migrated customers may not work properly while using the password link at different browsers. If you experience this issue, please use the same browser which used to reset the password and try again. If you still experience any similar issue, please log a case with the support team by sending an email to

2. Resolved: Password reset could cause unable to login to RedShield reporting website via If you experience this issue, please log a case with the support team by sending an email to 

3. Partially Resolved: Even using the correct credentials, login page might be reloaded without showing the authenticated contents. If you experience this issue, then retry. If you still experience any similar issue, please log a case with the support team by sending an email to

4. Resolved: There is a mismatch on resolved and unresolved scan results between the legacy and new portal. Would you require any further information please contact with

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