Network Issues - Auckland [Resolved]

RedShield's Auckland networks are currently experiencing issues, with some customers reporting slow responses. A P1 ticket is currently open and engineers are investigating. Please contact or subscribe to this announcement for updates. 


Update Issue Resolved:

RedShield Incident 28/07/105

Root cause analysis:
This morning (28/07/2015) some RedShield customers were experiencing slow connections for their web applications. This issue was related to systems in Auckland only and was detected by RedShield engineers at 7:38 AM who initiated an investigation. 
The root cause was a previously unknown memory leak, exposed due to a system configuration change and causative application traffic.

The causative traffic was failed over to a secondary system, then migrated to a secondary datacenter to minimize impact to other customers at 10.40am.
The memory leak issue was escalated to the relevant vendor as a Priority 1 case.

Future steps:
We are awaiting permanent fixes from a third party vendor however no further customer impact is expected.


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