RedShield Portal: Scheduled Maintenance 28/10/2015 *RESTORED*

UPDATE (4.10pm): All services, including password reset have been restored and there are no known issues remaining.


UPDATE (4pm): The portal is up and running, there is an issue with the password reset. We are working to resolve this now, if anyone has any problems logging in please contact support.


UPDATE (2pm): All the hardware upgrades and maintenance has been completed, it has taken a little longer than we  expected to bring our systems back online. We are working through this now and hope to have the portal restored shortly.


On Wednesday 28/10/2015 the RedShield portal will be down for scheduled maintenance and hardware upgrades.


The expected outage time is: 10am - 2pm, if you try to login to the portal you will get an error page if it is unavailable.


Please note that this outage doesn't affect any scheduled scans or shielding. These services will continue to run as normal and the results will be analysed into the portal once it becomes available again.


If anyone is still having problems accessing the portal after 2pm, or any questions please contact




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