Decrypting Secure Archives on Windows - *

System Requirements: 

Requirement: Notes:
Operating System: Windows (various)
Installed Packages:

7zip or similar


Sometimes you may receive files from RedShield consultants in the form of an encrypted archive, with the file extension The process for decrypting and opening secure archive files on a Windows system is as follows:

1. Download the archive file into a directory which you can access, and have permissions to create new files and directories. 

2. Ensure that you have the password for the file, which will be sent by different means to the archive file.

3. Double click on the archive file, which should open the associated zip utility (in this example, we use 7zip). 

4. Open the zip archive, (no password is required initially) and then open the tar archive contained within. Enter the password when prompted. 




5. You should now find the directory or files unencrypted and open for extraction into your preferred location. 


You can try this process on the sample file attached, which contains an archive including one folder called "aura-test" containing two files. The password for this test archive is "test". 


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