Contacting RedShield Support

Emergency Support

For emergency support, call us using the numbers below to raise a P1 support case, and our 24 x 7 emergency responders will get on the job right away.


 +61 2 8880 0766

 New Zealand: 


+64 4 887 1117


 United Kingdom: 


+44 118 324 2423


 United States of America: 


+1 424 396 1117


Non-Emergency Support

For all other enquiries, please use any of the following methods to contact RedShield:

Raising an Email Support Case

To raise a support case with RedShield using email (preferred for all non-emergency cases); please email

Please note that email attachments are supported but only non-sensitive files should be sent as attachments. Files may be securely uploaded to the vault fileserver following the instructions here:

Raising a Telephone Support Case

Please call our 24 x 7 switchboard numbers listed above, and ask for support. Please note that outside of business hours, non-emergency cases may be held until business hours. 

Raising a Support Case via the Web Portal

Create an account in the RedShield Support Portal, and login to create a case: 

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