RedEye portal becomes RedShield - new release!


There is a change happening

In the beginning there was Aura RedEye, a system to scan your networks and web-apps continually hunting for security holes and vulnerabilities. 

In 2013 RedShield was born. RedShield is a fully managed service that goes the next step to plug those vulnerabilities and shield vulnerable web-apps from attack. 

What’s pretty exciting is that we are a world first to be targeting and achieving 100% vulnerability mitigation.

What does this mean for you? If you have high-value web-apps, with vulnerabilities, that you're not able to fix fast, cost effectively or not at all then contact us to find out how we can help.

For more information on our new RedShield product check out our website or get in contact with us!

If you are an existing RedEye customer then please see our main release features and changes to your service below.

Sounds good! So when's this happening?

We have a lot of changes to deploy and database migrations to run! This is going to take some time  so on June 26 2015 3pm (NZST) the current portal at will come down. This will be back up and running Monday morning where you will be logging in at our new site: - Don't worry all your accounts and logins these will all remain the same.

We will do our best to ensure your scheduled scans continue to run on time over the next 24 hours but there maybe some unexpected delays, however after the release and by Saturday morning all scans should be running back on normal schedules.

What's Changing?

With over 100 feature and bug tasks there have been a lot of changes and lots to talk about for this release; most of which you will notice as soon as you login. We have highlighted our favourites below:


New Design - Rebranding to the RedShield product - Quite possibly the most noticeable change!

Asset Status overview - See the statuses of your assets and be quickly alerted to any potential problems.

Real-time Attack Reports and Graphs - Some of these are only available to our RedShield customers but we have included some generic ones for everyone to enjoy!

New Tables and Menus - New table implementation - Multi select, bulk actions, multi sort - It's all there and a lot easier to use! 

Wizards have become Single Page Forms - We have moved away from wizards to single page forms allowing you to provision your scans and accounts - Saves time and involves less steps!

Edit functionality - Make changes to your service as you require.

Data Validation and clean up - This is a lot of behind the scenes work but you should notice improved scan results and faster load times.

RS Cloud service provisioning and extended API - Once again a behind the scene change but we now have better control and integration over our cloud service products - This is going to grow over the next few months so watch this space.

Vulnerability Modal Redesign - Easily add new comments to your vulnerability, improved asset information and additional severity information, for example PCI scores (where available).

This looks awesome but HELP?

It's a big change right?! If you need some help you have 3 options:

1. Inline help documentation: Each page will have its own inline help documentation sections relating to the page you are on, to access this click the help link in the portal:



2. View our full knowledge base: If the quick view inline help didn't work you can search our full knowledge base.

3. Raise a support ticket: If you have checked out the knowledge base and inline help and still have questions, feel free to contact our help desk by emailing and someone will be able to get in touch and help you out.

Bug Reports? Feedback? Comments? Questions?

We have tested this extensively and think its almost perfect! However if something is not working as it should we would like to know about it, email We also welcome any feedback or comments.



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