RedShield Logo and Colours

RedShield Logo Usage Guidelines

Partners and customers of RedShield Security Ltd are permitted to use the RedShield Logo and brand when referencing the RedShield service. 

Guidelines for using the brand are as follows: 



- The logo must not be stretched, skewed or distorted. (Hint: if you need to resize the logo, many common apps will lock the proportions if you hold Shift whilst resizing)



- The logo must have space around it and not look overcrowded

- No enclosing boxes or borders near the logo



- The logo must not be scaled up beyond the original resolution of the file



- The logo may be displayed in solid back or white, greyscale or full colour. 

- The logo may have only back or white backgrounds. The exception to this is RedShield's reference Dark Grey colour (#333333), or solid white logo on reference Red (#B9130A). 


Reference Colours: 






For any designs which differ from these guidelines, please contact for design approval. 


Logo Files

Logo files are attached below. 


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