GHOST CVE-2015-0235

GHOST: glibc gethostbyname buffer overflow 

A buffer overflow in the __nss_hostname_digits_dots() function of the GNU C Library (glibc). This bug is reachable both locally and remotely via the gethostbyname*() functions and is a vulnerability for Linux systems.

There are a number of mitigating factors for the impact of this vulnerability

  • the limited amount of memory that can be overwritten by the attacker
  • it was fixed in 2013 as a non security bug (so not backported to older versions)
  • patches are available now
  • many common services using libc appear to NOT be vulnerable including Apache, Cups, Dovecot, GnuPG, isc-dhcp, lighttpd, mariadb/mysql, nfs-utils, nginx, nodejs, openldap, openssh, postfix, proftpd, pure-ftpd, rsyslog, samba, sendmail, sysklogd, syslog-ng, tcp_wrappers, vsftpd, and xinetd

Currently only the Exim mail server appears to be remotely exploitable using this vulnerability.

Detailed technical information on the vulnerability is available here: 



Update libc on your Linux systems.

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