Migrating to RedShield Cloud

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Test and Verify Correct Operation

Your RedShield delivery team perform basic connectivity testing to ensure that at a network and infrastructure layer, RedShield is functioning correctly.

Customers are required to functionally test applications to verify that all components and application elements are correctly proxied, and that application functionality is not impeded.

Testing is generally performed using static hostnames, before making changes to DNS. On your workstation, set static hostnames for each host which has been set up for you on the RedShield Cloud. A summary list of hostnames and IP addresses will be provided to you during deployment.  

Then browse to the sites normally with your preferred browser or testing tools; and you will be proxied via RedShield Cloud. In this way you can simulate migration onto the cloud before you actually commit the DNS changes and migrate all traffic.

Further information regarding pre-migration testing may be found here:

Testing RedShield Cloud using Static Hostnames


Changing DNS Records

When you are ready to migrate traffic onto RedShield Cloud; change your DNS records with your DNS service provider as instructed by your RedShield delivery team, and traffic will migrate onto the RedShield Cloud systems.

Please open a support case, or inform RedShield staff, when you plan to migrate; we will ensure that we are monitoring systems and are ready to assist with any questions or issues which may arise.

Further information relating to DNS changes may be found here:

DNS Settings for RedShield Cloud

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