Accessing the RedShield Portal

Logging into the RedShield Portal


Before you can login to the RedShield portal you will need an account created for you. If you require an account you will need your RedShield administrator to provision your account. If you already have an account and you have received a password follow the directions below to log in to the portal.

The RedShield portal is located at:


Enter in your email address and the password that was sent to your phone, click Login to authenticate your credentials and log you in.

Login Error Messages



RedShield Is currently logging you in



There has been an issue logging you in. Please try your password again and check your email address is correct.


If you do receive this message and your re-entered credentials are correct, we suggest that you first try resetting your password and then logging in again.

If you are still having difficulties then please contact, you may be requested to verify the email address you are using to log in. RedShield staff will NEVER get you to verify your password so please never provide this to anyone.


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