Navigating Between Tables and Grids

Use Pagination to navigate your way through the data tables in the RedEye portal.




Go To Page (dropdown):
Go to page is handy if you know the page you want to jump to. To jump to a page select the required page from the drop down box.


Last Page / First Page:
Using the last or first page buttons will take you to either the first or last page.

Next Page / Previous Page:
Using the next or previous page buttons will take you to either the next or previous page.

Current Page:
The current page is always highlighted blue. Click any of the other page numbers to jump to that page.

Results Per Page:
This will change how many rows of results is displayed in each page. 50 is the default and is optimal for most users. To change the result total per page, select a new total from the drop down.

Refreshing the table:
If you would like to refresh your sort or pagination please reload the page.


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