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Multi-Sort is available on all tables in the RedShield Portal. Use Multi-sort to sort the tables by 2 or more variables.

Click on the header column you would like to sort. Once clicked, the arrow will be highlighted so you know which way you are sorting, to sort the other way click the header again.



All columns are sorted alphabetically or numerically. The only column that this doesn't apply to is the Vulnerability Severity, which is ordered by the actual severity of the vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability severity sorted descending:


Activating Multi-Sort

Multi-Sort is activated on all tables within the portal. To use it simply hold shift and click the columns you would like to sort by. The first column you click will be the initial sort; any additional column after that will be sorted in the order the columns were selected.


If more than one arrow is highlighted then you know multi-sort is activated!


EXAMPLE: Show all new new critical vulnerability items

First sort by severity (Descending will put Critical at the top)
Once the Critical vulnerabilities are at the top you will want to sort by the identified column (Descending)

You should now have all critical vulnerabilities at the top of the list ordered further by the date they were discovered. If you look through the grids you will notice that there will be some vulnerabilities further down with a newer discovered date; these vulnerabilities will have a different severity. As Severity was the first column clicked, this is the master sort; with the date additionally re-sorting the listed vulnerabilities within each severity.



Resetting Multi-Sort

To create a new sort or deactivate multi sort simply click the table column you would like to sort by without holding shift, if multisite has been deactivated only one sort column will be highlighted.

Sorting will be remembered as you paginate through the table or the different table tabs. If you come back to a tab you might need to refresh the sort before creating a new order.


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