Resetting your login password

NOTE: As of 18/1/2017, passwords are no longer generated but are set by the user and may be reset via email. All current passwords will remain the same.



Resetting your Password

If you forget your password you can easily reset it by clicking the reset password link. Enter in your email address, a link will be sent to you allowing you to choose a new password.

If you do not receive an email, please check that the email address was entered correctly. For security reasons you will be informed the email was sent regardless of whether it was correct.

After checking, if you still haven't received an email please contact; you may be asked security questions to confirm your identity.


If you wish to just change your password, this can be achieved from within the portal when logged in. Visit the profile link and fill in the password change form. After a successful password change you will be logged out and required to log back in with your new password.

Password Strength/Requirements

Passwords are:

  • Case-sensitive
  • Can contain alphanumeric characters and symbols
  • A minimum of 16 characters


When changing your password you might encounter the error:

  • Password is too weak: In this case either your password is similar to a weak commonly used password and/or does not have sufficient entropy (too easy for an attacker to guess). Consider adding entropy by using more variation and increasing the password length.


Password Management Tool

RedShield recommends the use of a password management tool. There are many open source and commercial options for this; please contact RedShield support for recommendations if required. 


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