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RedShield's commenting functionality provides a secure way for you to interact with our RedShield consultants. It is important that all communication around vulnerabilities is done via portal comments (not by email), which will ensure you are contacting our consultants by the fastest and most secure method possible as well as providing you with a history of feedback and advice relating to each vulnerability.

This help article contains information relating to:

Viewing comments

  • Comments Page
  • Action items / Vulnerability view
  • Notification email

Comment Types/ Vulnerability action

  • General
  • Supression
  • Un-suppression

Alerting consultants

Creating comments

  • Creating single comments
  • Creating bulk comments

Deleting comments

Viewing comments

Comments page - Recommended approach 

The best place to go and check for new comments is the comments page (Vulnerabilities > Comments).


By default the comment log will show newest activity (comments) at the top. It is recommended that you check this every time you login, especially if you have recently left comments for a consultant.



 To open the comment double click the row, this will open up the vulnerability modal click the previous comments tab the newest comment will be at the top.




Vulnerability View

From any of the vulnerabilities submenu you can view your recent comments by sorting the comment table row.

Sort descending on the last comment column to sort the table with the newest comments at the top.



 Viewing the comment from this view is the same as viewing it from the comments table: Double click the row, this will open up the vulnerability modal click the previous comments tab to view the comment information.

Notification email

The new comments section (located at the bottom of the notification email) will show the comment count for any comments that have been left on any vulnerabilities since the notification email was last sent. You must still login to the portal to view the comments, we suggest you login and look at the comments page.



Comment Types / Vulnerability Action

 Vulnerability actions applied with a comment will effect the category or action applied to a vulnerability. This is the same as using the bulk actions. A break down of different vulnerability actions can be found below.

A general comment is just a regular vulnerability comment, this is the default type and no additional actions will be applied to the vulnerability. 

Use this vulnerability action if you would like to leave an internal comment for another staff member or check the alert consultant action to leave a comment for an Aura security consultant.

Selecting this type will also suppress your vulnerability see the vulnerability suppression article for more details.

Selecting this type will un-suppress your suppressed vulnerability see the vulnerability suppression article for more details.

Applying a vulnerability action

To apply a vulnerability action select the action you would like to apply from the drop down. If you are using the bulk actions then the vulnerability action will be applied automatically and you will not need to choose an option.

Once your action is selected, enter your comment and push add to save.


Alerting consultants

If you would like a consultant to reply to your comment, you can alert them by checking the alert consultant checkbox. Once alerted a RedShield consultant will see your comment and get back to you.


Creating Comments

Creating single comments

Single commenting will apply your comment to a single vulnerability, see bulk commenting below if you want to apply the same comment to multiple vulnerabilities.

To leave a single comment open the vulnerability modal.

Enter in your new comment and click save, if you change your mind and don't want to save any comments you can push the X to cancel your comment and close the modal.


Once your comment has saved the modal will close and the previous comments will be updated. The last comment will also be updated.



Creating bulk comments

Bulk commenting is very handy and a huge time saver for cases where you have a number of vulnerabilities that require the same comment / solution / reason. Follow the instructions below to start bulk commenting on your vulnerabilities.


Follow these steps to apply a bulk comment:

  1. Select the vulnerabilities you would like to apply the bulk comment to
  2. Right click on the table to view the bulk actions.
  3. Click the update vulnerabilities option from the bulk actions list
  4. Enter in your comment and save.
  5. Once your comment has saved you will see the last comment column updated.


Deleting comments

You can delete any comments that you have created, if it is your comment and you can delete it you will see a delete icon next to your comment: Click it to delete the comment.


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