Getting started with RedShield

Below is information required to provision the portal and scans for new RedShield clients. In this article we assume that your organisation has already signed any required service agreements and is approved for provisioning.

If your scanning has already been setup then we suggest you take a look at the getting started / helpful links at the bottom of this article.


Client / Organisation / User Creation

In order for us to provision and create your organisations account RedShield operations will require the following information about your organisation. If you are having sub clients setup within your account setup you will need to duplicate the below information for each account.

Organisation Information


Legal Name:

Postal Address: 

Physical Address:

Phone Number:

Primary Contact 

This will be used by operations and support for communications regarding your organisation. This contact will also have full administration privileges for the portal. If you would like more than one primary contact please duplicate the contact information for each contact, you can use the same primary contact for any sub organisation accounts if you wish.

Primary Contact Name:



Mobile Number:

Email Address: - used for email communication and to login to the portal


Before assets can be scanned they first need to be included in a scan. Complete the information below to create your scans. You can have as many scans as you like, however these will need to have validated assets and be active before scanning can commence (RedShield administrator team are required to do this on your behalf for security reasons).

The following information is required for each of your scans to allow RedShield support staff to validate and test your scans, and validate any assets to ensure that they are suitable for scanning.

Scan Name:

Scan Start Date:

Schedule Run Time:

Schedule Frequency: eg Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily


Testing and Defining Assets for Scanning

The next setup process is to define the scanning assets and get them setup. You should already have an idea about what you would like to scan, and your allowed number of assets from the initial service agreement process.

Scanning assets can be edited at anytime. If adding new assets pushes you over your agreed scanning limit then scanning will be restricted to your license limit, and options for increasing this limit will be offered by your account manager. 

A scanning asset can be an IP, CIDR range, web URL, or FQDN. In order for us to setup your assets we require the following information for each asset:

Asset nice name: eg: Main Website

Asset Location: eg:

Scan to include the asset in: eg: Scan schedule 1

Before an asset can be scanned it will require validating for security reasons. RedShield support staff will be able to do this for you; if you have any questions please get in contact with us.

Once all the assets have been validated and included test scans may be conducted, the RedShield staff will organise this with you.

Portal Users

Initially the primary contact will need to complete contact support for their account to be created. Once complete they will have access to the settings dashboard and can create additional users for your organisation.  

Information Required to create the primary contact:


Position: This is used by operation staff to determine who to contact if different issues arise.

Company: This is the company you work for, this is not necessarily the client that your account is being created for.

Mobile Number:

Email: This is used to send you notifications and is your username to login

Notify your Vendors and Internal Infrastructure Staff!

It is important that you notify people of your RedShield scanning, this is the ensure that the scanners do not get blocked or treated as a suspected attack.

Attached is a document that you can provide to your hosting companies. If further information is required, please feel free to contact

Helpful Links for Getting Started


Logging in

Resetting passwords

Navigating the portal tables

Multi sort

Viewing RedShield Scans

RedShield Assets

Creating Users

Leaving Comments and interacting with consultants

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