Custom Vulnerability Reference ID

External reference ID's allow you to add a custom ID to your vulnerabilities. This ID might relate to an external issue tracker, a vendor case number or any other internal system your organisation uses.

Viewing external references

External references can be viewed across the vulnerability tables. The column is sortable making it easy for you to order your vulnerabilities based on their new ID

How to: Apply an external reference

There are two ways to update a vulnerability reference:

Note: If the vulnerability already has an ID then this ID will be over written with the latest ID. Alternatively if you need to remove a reference ID, you can overwrite the existing ID with blank text.

1. Bulk Action

You will find the external reference option in the bulk actions on the unresolved, suppressed and resolved vulnerability tables; right click to view the bulk actions.  

Select the vulnerabilities you would like to add the reference ID to, and choose the bulk action: 'Update Vulnerabilities'.


Enter your new reference and save, once complete the modal will close and the table will be updated. 

2. From the vulnerability modal

To update a vulnerability reference from the modal follow the steps below:

  1. Open the vulnerability modal by double clicking on the vulnerability you would like to add the reference to.
  2. Enter in your new reference and save


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