RedShield Scan Notifications

Currently RedShield will send you a notification email; sent daily only if there are changes to your organisation. A change can include: New comments, Scans running or completed and of course any new action items / vulnerabilities that you need to address.

If you have sub clients under your organisation then the summary email will include scan details and totals from all your sub-clients. If you don't have sub clients or access to other clients then the notification email will just contain information relating directly to your organisation.



Notification email example


Scan information:

This is the first part of the email and will contain information about your recent scans, including when they last completed and when they will next run.

Scan Status:

The following scan statuses may be present in your summary:

Failed: This means something went wrong with the scan. Support will be able to schedule a scan rerun and ensure there are no changes you need to make. If we notice a failed scan we will investigate the issues. The scan will be rerun automatically if no intervention from your organisation is required. The last update time represents the time the scan failed.

In Progress: This means that the scan is still running, or collating the results. If you are concerned a scan is running over time please contact support to confirm it is possible that all scanning has completed and the system is still collating your results. The Last update time is generally when the scan began.

Completed: This means your scan has completed without any problems and your results are ready for view in the portal. The last update time for the scan is the time the scan completed.

New Vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities are critical and high issues that have been identified since the notification email was last sent. As we are only notifying (via email) on critical and high issues we recommend that you still regularly login to the RedShield portal.

New Comments

The new comments section will show the comment count for an comments that have been left on any action items / vulnerabilities since the notification email was last sent. It's important to view the comments right away, for help viewing the new comments see the comment documentation.


If you don't wish to receive these notification emails then you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. Once clicked you will be taken to the RedShield portal and asked to login. After successfully logging in you will see a message stating you have successfully unsubscribed. If you would like to re subscribe later you can get your RedShield administrator to edit your user and resubscribe you.


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