How to: Enable RedShield to open support cases with F5, relating to your equipment

In the course of performing consultancy and configuration on F5 equipment, it is common for RedShield to work with F5 Networks support team. In order to raise cases against F5 equipment, the requesting party needs to be authorised against the unit in question by the registered owner. 

This may be achieved as follows:

Send an email to, subject line "Support contact authorisation request". In the body of the email, include the names of your nominated RedShield support consultants, and serial numbers of your F5 devices, in text similar to the following:


"Please authorise RedShield support consultant <> to raise support cases against units serial numbers:




from now until further notice."


Serial numbers for v11.x-v16 Big IP devices may be found in the GUI under System > Configuration > Device > General.

Alternatively, the serial numbers may be found via the command line, or on a sticker on the appliance. Further instructions may be found on Ask F5 in Solution SOL3782: Please ensure that you include both serial numbers in  redundant pair of appliances, as well as any test and development systems. 







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