Sending ASM Config and Logs to RedShield

Version ASM 10.2.2 and later

When providing ASM configuration and logs to RedShield, it is necessary to extract all relevant data first, then upload as a single file for analysis by RedShield support team. 

A full overview of the asmqkview command is available on AskF5 in SOL6824.  

Please log in to your ASM as a user with Advanced shell access (linux shell, not just tmsh) and enter the commands listed below:


asmqkview --add-proxy-log --include-traffic-data -f /var/tmp/asmqkview-<company>-<date>
sftp <your username>     # Vault password is provided on request by SMS
<your vault password>
put /var/tmp/asmqkview-<company>-<date> /data/asmqkview-<company>-<date>


Once files are uploaded, please advise RedShield support team by emailing of the uploaded files. 



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