DNS Settings for RedShield Cloud

When activating RedShield Cloud service, the RedShield engineering team will advise of specific DNS changes which must be made to bring the application service onto the cloud and activate security protection. 


*** Please do not make any DNS changes until instructed to do so by RedShield engineers ***


An example of the required changes is as follows:


Application DNS A-record (customer must change to a RedShield-supplied IP address):  A

CNAME record (customer must remove the existing A-record, and create the following instead):    CNAME


Following activation of the DNS changes, traffic will begin flowing through RedShield Cloud immediately. Some traffic may take up to 48 hours to migrate. Depending on TTL (time-to-live) values of the old DNS entries, the majority of application traffic should be migrated within a time ranging from a few minutes, to a few hours.  

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