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So your contract is signed... where to from here?

This help article outlines the RedShield provisioning process. You will be alerted as each stage of the process is completed. If at anytime you require more information please contact RedShield support.


Stage One: Asset Collection




Assets requiring scanning are generally detailed within the Service Agreement. In this step we will be collecting details of any remaining assets not provided in the initial agreement. It is important that all assets are provided so our consultants can analyse the scanned asset list and determine the best way to setup your scanning.


Stage Two: Scan Creation




In this step our consultants will analyse your assets and assign them into scan schedules. During this stage they will be in contact with you to ensure you are happy with your schedules.

Test scans may also start happening at this stage, however no test scans will be run without notifying you first.


Stage Three: Scan Tuning




This step can often be the most time consuming and involves running more test scans, at which point a consultant will tune the scan profiles. This is done on a per-scan basis and the time taken is dependant on factors including:

- Total number of assets scanned

- Types of devices scanned

- Technical contact

- Location of assets scanned

A consultant will start to review your vulnerabilities at this point.


Stage Four: User Accounts




This is the final step in the setup process! Our team will create an administrator user account in the portal, for your organisation. Once that user is created they will be sent a welcome email which includes a link to the portal and instructions for getting started. The account administrator will then be able to create any additional user accounts for the organisation.


I Have My Account; What Happens Next? 


You're ready to go! Our consultants will continue to monitor your scans and validate your vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. If you need assistance at any time you can create a support ticket, or if you would like advice on mitigating a vulnerability please leave a comment in the secure portal for our consultant!





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