RedShield Custom HTML Blocking Pages

A default RedShield blocking page appears as follows: 

This blocking page may be customised to support custom formatting. Customers should produce a custom HTML file and provide this to the RedShield team via a support ticket.

There are some design considerations which must be adhered to when producing a custom blocking page for your application: 

  • Files must be small (a few KB is OK) .
  • Files must contain no external references such as javascript, css or images (since these may also be blocked, and the page will fail to render correctly). The exception to this is references to non-shielded hostnames such as web analytics or other third party content
  • Files must contain something similar to the HTML sample below, which allows users to automatically raise a ticket in case of a false positive. The 19 digit web support ID must be included in the email, or otherwise transmitted electronically.
  • False Positive tickets may be raised on the customer support desk, instead of RedShield. However, they should automatically be forwarded to RedShield support to expedite remediation. 


function goBack()

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" bordercolor="#899db1" width="485">
<tr bgcolor="#d2dae4">
<td><b>Invalid Request: Support ID <%TS.request.ID()%></b></td>
<td height="100">
<span id="_ctl3_lblErrorMessage" class="errorMessage"></span>

Your request has been blocked for security purposes. Please try again or click below to report any issues.<br/><br/><a href=" &subject=Web Security Support ID: <%TS.request.ID()%>">Click here to email security administrators</a><br/><br/>Alternatively please email with the subject line "Support ID <%TS.request.ID()%>" for assistance.<br/><br/><button onclick="goBack()">Go Back</button>



For further information please contact RedShield support.

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  • Avatar
    Ben Gordon

    When customising the blocking page, what is the variable name for the support id?

  • Avatar
    Matt Taylor

    %TS.request.ID()% with angled brackets on either side (Zen desk wont let me type them :) )