RedShield Private Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

 RedShield Private Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This service is ideal for customers who wish to deploy a dedicated PoP (point of presence) within their own AWS Virtual Private Cloud, and apply a fully managed Web Application Firewall to multiple applications across multiple VPCs. Optionally, RedShield can provide this fully built and managed; including a complete business service from base infrastructure to security policy and teams. 

For customers wishing to leverage RedShield Cloud (compatible with AWS, but hosted outside of AWS) please request information on RedShield Cloud for AWS and Azure. 

This architecture is aligned with vendor best practises and design recommendations, and is fully compatible with other AWS services such as CloudFront.

A detailed design is available from RedShield on request. Deployment and management of the environment may be fully delivered by RedShield, or a split governance model may be established for each customer in which some operational processes are delivered by partner and/or end-customer organisations.

Servers may reside within AWS and accessed directly by VPC peering, or may be in any other internet datacenter locations. 

Please contact RedShield sales to schedule an overview call or request further information.  

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    Mike Taylor

    Hi Guys - do you by chance have a similar pattern for Azure?

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    Sam Pickles

    Hi Mike, RedShield Private Cloud for Azure is currently in the pipeline (Private Cloud refers to a full-stack deployment within Azure dedicated to you). In the meantime we have Azure support built into RedShield Cloud (our platform) available now, in which we integrate with Azure and send your traffic to your Azure-hosted applications, providing shielding from our Cloud PoPs.

    Basic information may be found here:

    We'll get in touch with you offline to find out more about how we can tailor a solution to your requirements;

    Regards, Sam

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