RedShield Scanning Outage: 9 June 2016 - RESOLVED

UPDATE 14 JUNE 11:00AM: The RedShield infrastructure issues have been resolved and vulnerability scanning has resumed normal operations. We Thank you for your understanding and apologise for any difficulties this outage may have caused. 


UPDATE 13 June 12:45PM: Some customers are still experiencing service problems around scanning. The RedShield customer portal is up and running however we are experiencing issues with password reset. Technicians are currently onsite to resolve these issues and we hope to have another update shortly. Shielding services remain unchanged and are functioning without issue.


Due to infrastructure issues RedShield scans did not run last night. We have engineers on site working through the problems.

This only affects the scheduled scans, the portal and shielding services remain unchanged.

Once the issue is resolved scans will schedule and run as normal so no scans will be missed.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact support:

This announcement will be updated with any progress or once all services are restored.

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