RedShield Support Case Priority Levels

The RedShield Support Services team manages support tickets based on their priority. These priorities are associated with different internal actions and processes to ensure your ticket is worked on in accordance to our Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is outlined in your Service Agreement. To determine which priority level you should raise, please consider the following factors:


  • How many users does this issue affect? A single user, group, geographically located users, users with a specific ISP, or all users. 
  • What is the impact? Application unavailable, Blocking page, performance degradation, or a subset of application functionality unavailable.
  • Is the application still available behind RedShield (is the end web server still available and handling requests?)
  • Are you or your hosting/service providers experiencing a DOS, or do you believe your application has been/is being compromised?


  • Is this affecting business? (Whole business, single department or process)
  • Is data being compromised (sensitive, confidential)
  • Can the business continue to operate?

RedShield operate four support priority levels from 1 to 4; with 1 being critical and 4 being low.

RedShield recommend All priority 1 and 2 cases should be raised by phone.

Please note: Standard Service Inclusions provide 24x7x365 support for P1 issues. All other issues are handled in business hours. After hours fees may apply, please review your service agreement for service support inclusion and details.

Some examples of priority 1 support tickets are:

  • The Shielded Web application is no longer accessible via RedShield to any clients.
  • A primary application function is being blocked while the web application is in blocking mode, a large number of users are receiving blocking pages.
  • Web Application is being DOS'ed/Attacked.
  • Web Application has been exploited/compromised

Some examples of priority 2 support tickets are:

  • Web Application performance is degraded
  • Web Application is not accessible by some clients
  • SSL and Certificate Issues

Some examples of priority 3 support tickets are:

  • Blocking page affecting a small number of legitimate users with legitimate traffic.
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