Melbourne Datacenter Partial Outage

Customer Identification: Some RedShield customers having service via Melbourne datacenter
Start Date: Thursday 25 September 2019 AET 6:47AM
End Date: Thursday 25 September 2019 AET 8:15AM
Event Type: Unplanned Partial Outage - Resolved
Expected Service Impact: Customer websites experienced service degradation or outage.

/ Event Description /

A cluster version upgrade occurred 8 hours prior to this outage, which triggered a previously unknown software bug, and later triggered an outage to some applications. The upgrade was rolled back to restore service, and the root cause is being determined working with the cluster software vendor. 

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please open a support ticket for further information. 


/ Items Associated With This Event /

Network service to customer applications

/ Event Updates /

Further updates will be posted via individual customer support tickets.  

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