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Where can I view the status of my applications on RedShield?

The status of your applications is available 24/7 in your Redshield Portal. To view the status of your applications in the portal, log in and navigate to the status tab.


What do the status icons mean?

In the portal, the application status has the following flags:




The sections below detail under what conditions this status can change. If any status icon is incorrect due to a custom configuration, RedShield support team can manually verify and override the automatic status detection. To initiate this please raise a support request by emailing


SSL Certificate Installed

The SSL Certificate Installed flag is green when an SSL Certificate is installed and:

  • Is not expired
  • The CN name matches the FQDN of the host
  • OpenSSL reports no other issues

The status is red when no SSL certificate is installed on the RedShield platform.



To direct your website visitors to send their traffic via RedShield, you will need to update your DNS settings for your domain to point at a RedShield CNAME or A record. Our team will give you the details for this as part of your setup.

The Route In Use flag is green when the public IP DNS resolution resolves to a RedShield IPv4 address listed here ( 

It will be red when the DNS does not resolve to a RedShield IPv4 address.



The Firewall Lockdown flag will be green when the RedShield Platform is unable to make a TCP connection to the Origin Content Server hostname and port. 

It will be red when it is possible for a monitor from an unlisted RedShield public IP address to connect directly to the Origin Content Server hostname and port.

Note: If your origin content server is doing IP restrictions at the application layer, but does not prevent TCP connections to the server, then this may show as Red. If sufficient restrictions are in place, you can submit a request to have this manually changed to green.


Service Provisioned

This Flag will be green when RedShield has completed building the traffic paths for your application.

If the Flag is Red or Orange the deployment is still in progress, or configuration items are still to be completed. 

RedShield service delivery team can answer outstanding questions you might have on service provisioning.



The Alerting Flag is set to green when the baseline policy is in alerting mode and going through the tuning processes.

Once tuning is complete and the policy has been placed in blocking mode then the blocking mode flag will also go green.



The Blocking Mode flag is green when a synthetic monitor request* triggers the RedShield Platform to return a blocking page. It will also be green when the RedShield Platform has traffic logs indicating the requests were blocked. 

It will be red when we do not receive a blocking page for the synthetic request* or no blocking traffic logs exist.



Advanced Shields

Application shields are custom code objects that are designed for your application. If you have purchased application shields and they are deployed and working as they should then the tick will be green.

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