Asset Status

The Asset Status screen in the RedShield Customer Portal shows your assets that are currently shielded by RedShield, and the status of their shielding.

An Asset in RedShield is usually a website / domain name that is protected by our shielding service.

Each Asset has its overall status shown by the colour of the icon. Expanding the row by clicking on it will give details.


The four areas that we monitor are:

  • Setup Status
  • Shielding Status
  • Scan Status
  • Unresolved Vulnerability Status

Setup Status

This section shows whether RedShield has been configured and whether your site is migrated to direct traffic to the RedShield platform. These status items are monitored automatically by the RedShield platform by polling against our internal and external resources. A change to the configuration of one of these items should be reflected in this section within the next day.

SSL Certs

This shows whether SSL Certificates for your site have been provided to RedShield and installed on our service. For customers that don't require HTTPS traffic to their sites, this will stay red. For most customers this will change to green when the certificates are provisioned.

Service Provisioning

Once the RedShield team has set up our service in preparation for your site to go through RedShield, this flag will turn green.

Firewall Lock Down

RedShield recommends that to avoid evasion of RedShield's protections you firewall your origin servers so that only RedShield can access them. See the Firewall Settings for RedShield Cloud page for details.

This status icon turns green when our testing shows that an arbitrary IP address on the internet is not able to access your origin server.

DNS Migrated

To direct your website visitors to send their traffic via RedShield you will need to update your DNS settings for your domain to point at a RedShield CNAME or A record. Our team will give you the details for this as part of your setup.

This status icon turns green when you have altered DNS to point traffic at RedShield.

Shielding Status

RedShield manages the introduction of our service to avoid false positives or other negative impact to your site. The initial phase of deployment is typically in alerting-only mode, moving to blocking mode when a customer is ready for the full protection of RedShield.

Alerting mode

This icon is green when traffic is migrated to RedShield and we are observing traffic and looking for suspicious or malicious requests.

Blocking mode

This icon is green when malicious requests are being blocked by RedShield.

Advanced Shielding

This icon indicates that RedShield has implemented custom advanced shields specific to vulnerabilities on your website.

Scan Status

This icon is green when a shielded scan is configured for this asset.

Unresolved Vulnerability Status

The colour of this icon is determined by the most severe vulnerability that hasn't yet been resolved. Expanding the row will give a breakdown of the severity of unresolved vulnerabilities, and you can visit the Vulnerabilities section of the portal to see the details of them.





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