RedShield Portal: Guide to Apps Tab and the Performance Dashboard

The Apps Tab in the RedShield Portal takes you to an area that displays a number of metrics to give you insights into your service and applications’ performance.

A summary of the key performance metrics can be seen on the dashboard as soon as you click on the Apps tab. Definitions for each area are below.


Platform performance

In the platform performance section, you can see the total numbers of requests and responses which RedShield has secured for your applications. For each request and response transaction in real time, RedShield checks around 7,000 security policy data points including the user’s actions within the application, bot detection, network and application layer DDoS techniques, and WAF signatures; all of which are tuned and managed by the RedShield team to ensure that there is no impact to your users.


Total HTTPS requests processed

Total HTTPS request/response transactions processed by RedShield across all shielded apps (last 30 days).

Transactions logged

Total number of HTTPS request/response transactions which triggered a security alert, and were logged but not blocked (last 30 days).

Total security policy checks

Total number of security policy checks performed against all application traffic in real time (last 30 days).

Transactions blocked

Total number of HTTPS request/response transactions which triggered a security alert, and were both logged and blocked (last 30 days).


Service performance

In the service performance section, you can see a summary of support tickets raised with our service team, including any false positives, as well as the average and fastest response time for your service requests, which are all managed in

Security audit


In the security audit section, you can see metrics related to your managed vulnerability scanning, configured and managed for you by the RedShield team to regularly scan each application for security flaws. You can see the number of applications which have been scanned within the last 30 days, as well as the total time spent by RedShield scanning servers completing and analysing scans across your applications.

Applications scanned

Total number of customer applications which have been tested by RedShield for security weaknesses and identifiable code flaws.

Compute hours

Total number of hours utilized by RedShield scanners, testing for security flaws and processing scan results (last 30 days).

Scans completed

Total number of scans completed  (last 30 days).

Resolved / Unresolved / Shielded

Total Resolved: Vulnerabilities which are no longer detected in apps. 

Total Unresolved: Vulnerabilities which are detected in apps, and are not currently shielded.

Total Shielded: Vulnerabilities which are present in apps, but are shielded to prevent discovery or exploitation.

Vulnerabilities verified

Total number of application vulnerabilities inspected by RedShield analyst team, and verified as correctly identified (real time).

Analyst hours utilized

Total number of hours spent by the RedShield analyst team verifying correctness of vulnerability scan results (current total vulnerabilities). 


Lastly, you’ll see your listed applications below the dashboard.


In this section, you can drill down on request throughput by application, including response types (200s, 300s, 400s, 500s) over time.  

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