RedShield Customer Portal Login Using MFA

All users logging into the RedShield Portal are required to register for MFA. Below are the steps to enable and login with MFA. A full guide with screenshots can be downloaded here.


Steps to log into the Portal using MFA


  1. Log into the Portal
    Go to the RedShield Customer Portal – – and log in using your username and password.

  2. Select and set up your preferred authentication method
    On successful login, you will be prompted to add another authentication method. The options available are:
  • Notification via Auth0 Guardian app;
  • Google Authenticator or similar; or
  • Security Key.

We recommend the Auth0 Guardian app as the most user-friendly and secure option. Selecting this option will prompt links to download and install the app from the Apple and Google Play app stores. You can also find these links below:

Set up MFA using the Auth0 Guardian app


Once you have downloaded the Auth0 Guardian app, click Continue. You will be prompted to scan a QR code on screen using the Auth0 Guardian app on your mobile device.


Set up MFA using an alternative authenticator app


Select the option Google Authenticator or similar and click Continue. You will be prompted to scan a QR code on screen using the app on your mobile device, then enter your one-time code.


Set up MFA using your security key


A security key is a device that facilitates access or stronger authentication into other applications. Select the option Security Key and click Continue, then follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Copy the recovery code
    You will be prompted to copy a unique recovery code and keep it somewhere safe. Check the box I have safely recorded this code and click Continue.

  1. Log in using MFA
    Once you have successfully set up MFA, you will be prompted to point your mobile device at the QR within the login screen, and the app will do the rest. You will then be provided with:
  • Push notification to confirm (Auth0 Guardian app); or
  • A form field to enter the app-generated one time password (Google Authenticator or similar)

Confirm or enter successfully and you are logged in.

If you have any issues logging in using MFA, please log a support ticket by emailing

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