Uploading Certificates using the RedShield Customer Portal


The RedShield Customer Portal allows you to upload your SSL certificates and private keys via a secure interface that validates their correctness before storing them securely. 


Any other sensitive information that you want to share with RedShield can be shared using RedShield Vault.


How to upload your certificates via the Secure Certificate Management Portal:

  1. Login to the RedShield Customer Portal as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to the Settings -> Upload Certificates page
  3. Upload certificates to portal, along with any encryption keys required to open the file
  4. Add any special instructions (e.g. time and date you would like the certificate to be deployed)
  5. Click Upload New Certificate



Secure Certificate Management Portal details

  1. All traffic and files sent via the secure portal (data in motion) goes over HTTPS only.
  2. Files that have been uploaded are encrypted and stored securely (data at rest).
  3. RedShield staff are not able to download or access the certificates or keys, the software to deploy them is automated.
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