Denial of Service Attacks Impacting NZ and Australian Organisations

RedShield is aware of a heightened threat level and incidences of Denial of Service attacks impacting organisations in Australia and New Zealand in recent days. 

We encourage all organisations to contact the RedShield team to discuss threats, risks and mitigation options. Please contact your Solution Architects team on for general or technical discussion; or

*** If you are currently experiencing threats or attacks, please raise a P1 ticket here ***



Has RedShield been impacted by DDoS attacks in recent days?

Not directly. We have certainly detected and mitigated a number of attacks against customers globally, and are also aware of attacks targeting customer datacenters directly.

Please contact us for a quick call with our team to provide further information about the types of threats and activity we are seeing. 


Does RedShield currently provide any form of DDOS protection for customers?

Yes, RedShield baseline protection includes full volumetric and layer 7 DDOS protection. Please note however that non-shielded services may still be subjected to direct attacks.

Further details about this may be provided on request, including technical information. 


We have received notice of a threat, or a ransom email. How should we respond? 

In all cases - if you receive a ransom email, please log a P1 ticket with RedShield for a quick discussion with our team.

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