Denial of Service Attacks Impacting Some NZ and Australian Organisations | Start Date: Wednesday 16 Sept 2020 01:00 UTC

Customer Identification: RedShield Auckland Datacenter
Start Date: Wednesday 16-Sep-2020 01:00 UTC
End Date: On-Going
Event Type: Unplanned
Subject: Possible Distributed Denial of Service attack
Expected Service Impact: Partial RedShield Customers.

Update 17-Sep-2020 01:30 UTC

DDoS attacks are persisting today. As the attack vectors and types change we are continuing to implement effective controls to mitigate them.

These attacks are using multiple vectors, including targeting vulnerable internet services that are not protected by DDoS prevention and targeting application layers through replicating genuine server queries seeking to exhaust server resources. Where possible geo-blocking is also recommended in these cases - please contact RedShield to inform us where geo-blocking restrictions can be implemented.


Original Announcement 

RedShield is aware of a heightened threat level and incidences of Denial of Service attacks impacting organisations in Australia and New Zealand currently. 

RedShield has implemented DDoS mitigation currently and monitoring the situation.

We encourage all organisations to contact the RedShield team to discuss threats, risks and mitigation options. Please contact your Solution Architects team on for general or technical discussion, or If you believe you are currently experiencing service issues please call RedShield or contact




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