Software Vulnerability CVE-2021-22986 to 22992 - Resolved


Customer Identification: All.
Start Date: Thursday 11th March 2021
End Date: Thursday 11th March 2021
Event Type: Security Announcement
Subject: Infrastructure Hosting Platform Software security patch
Expected Service Impact: None

/ Event Description /

RedShield are aware of the recent F5 critical vulnerability announcement (K02566623: Overview of F5 critical vulnerabilities (March 2021)) and we confirm that all RedShield Cloud endpoints have a patch applied which addresses all vulnerabilities in the advisory issued by F5.
We continuously monitor a range of sources for notifications of this type and will continue to take proactive steps to address such findings in any situation where our infrastructure could potentially be impacted.
For further information on the F5 advisory please refer to the notification:

/ Items Associated With This Event /

Traffic via F5 shield cluster platform.

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